Founder of Messages of Faith Ministry in the State of Nevada in 2001, and its divisions of 
Chaplaincy Nevada (Chaplains Training) in 2009, the in-house Chaplaincy Academy of religious studies, 
and the NV Chaplains Corp USA in 2014. 
- Victorya is the founder of Messages of Faith Ministry. In January 1998 she had a divine visitation from Christ after repeating a simple prayer of faith. Life has never been the same.

- She is a licensed Minister through the State of Nevada and Clark County Ministers License to Perform Marriages. The Basic Chaplaincy Certification / Academy and Chaplains CPE program founder. She completed building the Chaplains Academy in religious studies program development 2013, and CPE Clinical Pastoral Education program development in 2015. Both Academy & CPE were built with the teamwork of the Chaplains Advisory Board. She is an Invocator for the Clark County Commissioners, and the City of Las Vegas Council/Mayoral meetings.

- She is a Christian author and released her books Chosen 15 Minutes with Jesus in 2011, and Born Again in 2016.  

- A Graduate and Mentor-Hope for Prisoners ReEntry Program. , S.NV. Community Gang Taskforce Coordinator, and a CCDC METRO Volunteer Programs A National Day of Prayer event coordinator. Member of S. NV. Mental Health Coalition, Subcommittee member of CIT (Crisis Intervention Training), Jail Aftercare Program, Mental Health Court. LVMPD CIT Graduate 07, a Leadership & Resiliency Graduate, CLV CERT graduate, The 5 Critical Disciplines Certificate Graduate 2010. SNV Community Gang Taskforce GRT Handbook on Gangs Co-Instructor graduate. Courts Catalyzing Change member-Mental Health Sub-Chair, Faithbase subcommittee.Co-Founder ChallengeKADS Sports Association. 4th degree Black Belt Taekwondo. 

-Victoria is the founder of NAFD, and has worked in education for over 20 yrs co-sponsored with CCSN Cont. Ed. program/ CCSN Welfare to Work programs 1995-97, UNLV division of Educational Outreach from 1997 to present. 

- In 2015 Victorya was Awarded - Lifetime Achievement Recognition for her work from the NV State Governors Office, US Senatorial, US House of Representatives, US House of Congress, and partnered organizations recognition awards..

Victorya is the author of 
Chosen, 15 Minutes with Jesus- 2011
Born Again- 2016
Alive: Breaking The Chains of Sin- 2016
Her books are sold at Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble.

Chosen- is the true story of her face-to-face encounter/visitation, and the divine manifestation of Jesus that she received in January 1998, the question Jesus asked of her, and the message He left her with..

Born Again, A Transformation of the Heart, A Renewing of The Mind-will take the reader through the riveting steps and stages for spiritual salvation, ingrain and ignite a new and passionate desire and love for Jesus Christ. It talks about the steps and stages of being re-born in the Spirit. She dedicated this book to the juveniles she serves incarcerated at CCDC. 

                                        Upcoming 2017 Release:   Broken, Out of The Ashes, God Arises          
                                                  He heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds
                                                               He counts the numbers of the stars
                                                                   He gives names to all of them
                                                                             Psalms 147:3-4
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Victorya trains classes, and guest speaks on the Power of Forgiveness, a power that can only be found in Jesus Christ.