MOFM Founder

Victoryafounded Messages of Faith Ministry in the State of Nevada in 2001, and its divisions of,
Chaplaincy Nevada (Chaplains Training) in 2009, the in-house Chaplaincy Academy of religious studies, and the NV Chaplains  Corp USA in 2014. Chaplaincy Nevada is currently spearheading its Nevada State Chaplains Task Force, which consists of a Crisis Response unit, and a Faith based Response unit. 
Victorya is a Nevada State licensed Minister, Chaplain and Invocator. MOFM is a Christian Outreach, since 2001.
But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

In 2015 Victorya was Awarded - Lifetime Achievement Recognition for her work from the 
- NV State  Governors Office,  -US Senatorial, -US House of Representatives,, -US House of Congress, and partnered organizations
Christian Outreach

Founded on July 6, 2001, a non profit 501 c-3.  A Nevada State Christian Ministry/Outreach. Complete with by-laws and a voluntary board of directors to oversee that its mission achieves success and prosperity for those in need. Incorporated as a non profit in the State of Nevada and Clark County certified to perform marriages and conduct baptisms. The founding umbrella for serving its community outreach dba's. 
Chaplaincy Nevada, also known as the NV Chaplains Corp USA.

MOFM  is built on Christian principles, faith and trust in our Lord  and Savior Jesus Christ and in the acceptance and receiving Jesus as our salvation and the resurrection for eternal life.

Mission:  Our message is based on the Holy Bible; with a ministry motivated by grace, repentance, forgiveness, redemption, and love of God. We are a traditional Chistian Ministry that adheres to Word of God faith and values. To provide faith-base services, ministerial care and educational services which minister to both spiritual and emotional needs of all individuals. To provide support to the community, and all local law enforcement organizations, to act as liaisons between the churches and the community, and to act in times of crisis for individuals suffering and in need.

Objectives, Purposes, and Powers: Include ministry outreach, ministerial duties, developing community awareness for those in need, leadership, training and education. To know God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To grow in faith, and to share our faith in God with the world around us. 

Ministry: Is the body of a religion. A religious ministry is described as the office, duties, or functions of a minister. The function of a Ministry is to require dedicated people who have a heart for reaching people for Christ. Without these people the church certainly would be limited in its ability to fulfill the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19. Each person is called to share The Gospels and to bear fruit as a response to the Salvation given to us freely by Christ’s act of atonement on the cross. In faith we believe everyone is endowed with a spiritual gift by God, which is fully realized through the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, whether your gift is in teaching, finance, architect, medicine, or ministering to those who are facing the trials of, and in their life.

MOFM Chaplains Ministerial Services
Our Ordained Chaplains are trained in religious studies and pastoral care throughout the year, with religious studies services offered on a weekly basis of Saturdays & Sundays. With emphasis on on-call Sacramental services such as Weddings (must be licensed by Clark County Clerks Office), Funerals, Baptisms, Communion.

Chaplaincy Trains: New individuals for Lay Chaplaincy (non clergy) and Ordained Chaplains (professional clergy) opening its doors 2 times out of the year for this special training. People apply from numerous churches and organizations across Nevada. All classes and materials are free, with no cost to attend to the individual.  Chaplaincy is a faith-base Christian community service working in respect with the Inter-faith community. Chaplaincy NV has graduated up to 400 Lay Chaplains and ordained over 200 Chaplains from 2009 to current status.

Volunteer Hours: are recorded from the Chaplains Administration Dept, headed by our Director of Administration. This dept keeps track of all data information and transcripts. From the Chaplaincy inception of October 2009 to current status Chaplaincy has over 250,000 volunteer hrs. Recognized with Proclamations by:
-NV State Governors Office, 
-CLV Mayors Office, 
-Clark County Commissioners, 
-Office of the White House President Obama Faithbase Initiatives. 

MOFM Volunteers: Chaplain individuals and teams of Chaplains serve in the hospitals, hospice, CCSD Police, prisons, CCDC, LVMPD-RECAP, Mayors Faith Forum, Re-entry, Juveniles, homeless housing, rehab, and more.

MOFM Board of Volunteer Advisers
Board Chair: Sr Chaplain Michael Thrower
Board Vice Chair: Sr Chaplain Sally St John
MOFM Chaplaincy Administration:
Admin. Director: Sr Chaplain Barry Mainardi

MOFM Services Include:
-LVRM Chapel Worship Service
-Juvenile Detention Chapel Service
-Hope for Prisoners Re-Entry Chaplain/Spiritual Guide & Prayer Services
-Sacrament Ordination & Religious Studies Graduation Ceremony's partnered with E LV Christian Center  6450 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89110 
-Prayer Line
-Grief Support
-Clark County Commissioners & CLV Mayor/City Council Invocations
-National Day of Prayer NV State Governor Prayer Breakfast host/coodinator
-CCSD Police Dept Chaplain Program

-Religious Studies are conducted weekly (Sat/Sun/Thurs Evenings) with no fee,
LVMPD Training rooms provided through community partnership at no-cost. 
400 E MLK Blvd 89106, Bldg A.
CPE: Clinical Pastoral Education

We uphold the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, and the right of the individual to legally worship as they please. We uphold the Federal law that provides each church/ministry with the inalienable right to establish legal clergy and to appoint legal ministers within that establishment.

MOFM is organized exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501 of the Internal Revenue code.
MOFM is organized exclusively for religious purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.
MOFM is a voluntary board of directors, incorporated in the state of Nevada in 2001.
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