Board of Directors Cont.

 Joshua Campe

Joshua serves on the MOFM Board of Directors since 2006. He also serves as an ordained Chaplain for Messages of Faith Ministry, since February 2008. He is a certification graduate in Christian chaplaincy and enjoys his role in music, youth leadership, and bible studies.Joshua is also  a member of the Nazarene Church of Las Vegas and served as a 3rd grade bible studies teacher 07-09, and caravan youth leader assistant. Josh is an LVMPD, Metro Volunteer. Josh also serves on the SNV Community Gang Taskforce as part of the Media Team. Joshua has a 9 year background in playing guitar, and an 9 yr. background in sports. He has a black belt in TaekwonDo, a brown belt in Jujitsu, and he was a high school jr. varsity  member in Wrestling. 

Crystal Rashell M
Crystal serves as a director on the Board of Directors. Crystal serves the United States as a member of the military Naval Reserves. 
Crystal is the mother of two young sons, both in elementary school. Crystal is a member of Messages of Faith, since 2001.
Crystal was also rebaptized in 2003 and attended the LV First Church of the Nazarene.
She is a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo. She plays soccer, surfs, skateboards, and is learning to play the  guitar.
Crystal works in clerical, on helicopters, and  attends college.

Leah Wilson
Leah serves as a director on the Board of Director. She is a 1st degree black belt in taekwondo, and has participated in youth prevention tournaments. She is the mother of 3 sons, and is active in their sports. She has worked culinary union since 2006.
Leah is an active part of ministry, sports, and worked as a fashion model over the years. She likes music, dance, and fashion.

Jayne Mendez
Jayne Mendez is the founder and coordinator of  Miracle for Jade Foundation, and JADES RESCUE and/or THERAPY DOG SERVICE.
Jayne has training in special needs, disability, and specialized training in the Home Health Industry. In 2006 she founded Miracle for Jade, and in 2011 developed the Therapy Dog Service to include handicapped children and athletes.
Jayne is a member of Messages of Faith Ministries, and serves as a director on the Board of Directors.
Jayne is the mother of 4 adult children. She is also member of member of Harvest Ministries with  renowned Pastor Greg Laurie. 

MOFM BOD: Is a voluntary Board of Directors, without compensation.
MOFM Administration: The role of the Board of Directors is defined by its set of Bylaws. 
A Board of Directors has statutory responsibility. A Board of Directors is primarily tasked with protecting the interests organization. 
A nonprofit corporation is required to have a board of directors that serves as the ultimate governing body of the corporation. 
A board of directors is a formal organization that is guided by its bylaws.  
The Board of Directors are legally required to perform his or her responsibilities, and tasks subject to the fiduciary duties, loyalty, and obedience to the nonprofit corporation.

Board of Directors consists of 5 volunteer members. Founded on July 6, 2001, a non profit 501 c-3. 
A Nevada State Christian Ministry/Outreach. Complete with by-laws and a voluntary board of directors to oversee that its mission achieves success. 
MOFM BOD meetings are scheduled at the Resident Agent location of PO Box 60215 LV NV 89160-1215 
All training/volunteer /ministry outreach programs are produced from the above RA address.

Status: Current & on-going Governing Board 2001.                                                                                      ByLaws ​
Fiduciary Duties: Current & On-going.  
Quarterly and Annual Financial Reports shall be available to the BOD.                                                          IRS 990
Available Bi-Annual Financial Reports may be shared with the Advisory Board.