Basic Chaplaincy Certification:  Community Outreach Training.   Saturday/Sunday Class Training

Session 1.   Saturday 6 hrs.   10:00-4:00 P.M. 
What is Chaplaincy? Who is a Chaplain? Chaplain Requirements &Training. Emergency Role. Non-Emergency Chaplains. Ministry and Continued Education. Church Liaisons. Outreach Providers. Prayer Warriors.
Trauma Intervention Program.

Session 2.  Sunday  6 hrs.     1:00-7:00 P.M.
Law Enforcement /CIT.  / Warning Signs of Mental Illness. Alcohol & Drug Abuse. Crisis Communication Training. 
Elements of Crisis Intervention. 

Session 3.  Saturday  6 hrs.     10:00-4:00 P.M
Gangs. Gang Resistance Training. Signs, Signals and Symbols of Gangs. 
Graffiti Coalition, GREAT Gang Resistance Education and Training. 
GREAT: Gang Resistance Education & Training-Youth.
Trafficking-Child Abuse.

Session 4.  Sunday  6 hrs.     1:00-7:00 P.M
City of LV Emergency Response.
Divinity:  Religions, Interfaith Importance & Practices. 
Community Service. Review. Exam.  

Topic days subject to change as per the instructors schedule.

Service Opportunities: Graduates are encouraged to volunteer with one of the following.
Law Enforcement –-Youth Prevention/Intervention programs, Fire –Emergency Medical –Jails – Jail Extension–Schools –Workplace- Churches-Hospitals- Etc.

· Training serves as the basic educational course for Chaplaincy service of volunteers, and focuses on communication skills, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills. Chaplaincy is recommended for those who feel spiritually lead, lay and professional, clergy personnel, and others who either do, or wish to provide spiritual support to those in need. 

Basic Chaplain Certifications are offered through Chaplaincy Nevada, a dba 501-c3 non-profit. Certifications are to recognize and approve one as having met special training qualifications or a specific standard within a field. Certifications may be offered by such as a governmental agency, professional board, associations, educational entity, and religious institutions. 

Certification is designed to test and document a person’s readiness to enter into a career or perform a task/ job.  Certification measures an individual’s qualification/skills to perform a specialized function and/or measure of competence.  The need for certification arises in today’s fast paced and changing establishment. The objective is to define excellence in terms of performance, knowledge and outcome, to measure a person’s achievement by industry/institution standards, and to hold persons accountable for what they know and can do.

Certification Benefits:
·Maintain Professional Development and Education. Gain and/or enhance special training and skills.
·Path toward professional advancement and security. Work/Volunteer with professional Agencies.
·Certificate of Certification Completion. Resume Credential.
·Opportunity to serve the community through faith-base initiatives. Be actively engaged in ministry.
·Enhanced image in your community and field.
·Path toward continued MOFM Ministry studies for Basic Chaplain Ordination. 

MOFM Chaplaincy Mission

·Our program is to provide ministerial care and educational services. 

·To develop, equip, and provide bona fide training services, which minister to both spiritual and emotional needs of all individuals. 

·To support and act as a resource, which is committed to community safety, with excellence in preparation and delivery, and with effective and efficient service to our city and state.
MOFM Chaplaincy Goal

·To provide support to all local law enforcement organizations.
·To act as liaisons “boots on the ground” between the churches and the community.
·To influence the lives of at risk youth socially and spiritually.
·To act in times of crisis for individuals in need.
·To teach Chaplaincy certification training
·To develop and hone skills for effective and efficient service to the community.

Faith Based
Christian Outreach Division

Building An Army 
of Chaplains

Empowering a

Chaplaincy Certification Pilot Program Graduates 12/2009

Chaplaincy Functions

1. To  help individuals and their families in times of crises.   
2. To help with spiritual needs. 
Of all the many duties that chaplaincy may entail, these are the principal responsibilities. Chaplaincy may use different ways to bring about spiritual truths and assistance to an individual family. However, the most important ministry is to simply be available when called upon. Spiritual need is the greatest of all needs and chaplaincy must be able to meet this need. The chaplaincy is a ministry of action rather than word.
Another important part of these functions is to understand the personal religious needs of the individual and to call their own minister to assist as soon as possible, if the family so desires. Those in chaplaincy can then assist their minister if needed.
Chaplaincy is taking the Good News beyond the local church and providing transforming ministry within unique settings. 
Among the Military, Medical Centers, Municipalities, Correctional Facilities, Corporations, Skilled Nursing and Senior Housing, Sports, Universities and Colleges, Youth Groups, Schools, Homelessness, Crisis.

·Chaplaincy, is a multi-faith community of professionals dedicated to caring for persons in spirit, mind, and body.
·Certification: Bona fide specialized training.

Training Tracks. 
  * Civilian “lay persons” who are not professional ministers. Outreach training.  
  * Professionals/Ministers who wish to receive this training and serve as volunteer chaplains.
Database of trained individuals will be made available to law enforcement.
The laypersons that undergo MOFM training may serve the community as “boots to the ground” community outreach  type approach as gang related incidences occur in certain communities across the valley.

Service to others, Message of faith, Fellowship of community!
Building An Army of Chaplaincy  For Christ & Community
Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the 
Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."   Matthew 28:18-20 

Basic Chaplaincy Certification

Basic Training CourseCommunity Service Training: No Fee   
Limited Seating Per class:  Minimum:  15    
Contact Hours: 24 hrs.   MOFM Certification   Days:  Saturday/Sunday
Saturday Training 10:AM-4PM / Sunday Training: 1PM-7PM

Visit Chaplaincy Nevada to apply
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Class Location: METRO PLEX
400 Martin Luther King Blvd (corner MLK & Alta)
Building A Training RM # 4
Call 702-523-3052