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Chaplaincy Nevada
Nevada State Incorporated, 2001  Nevada Licensed, 2001
Non Profit 501 c-3 
The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps Proverbs 16:9
Chaplaincy Academy of Religious Studies 
Professional Certificate Course  
Clinical Pastoral Training

CPT Professional Certificate-Course
Clinical Pastoral Training- CPE Units
Sat. & Sun. 1:30-5:30PM 

CPT: 16 Sessions 
August-November 1:30-5:30PM

​1. August: Sat & Sun:- 14/15/21/22nd 
Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
CPT – Part 1 = 4 Sessions: 16 hrs
Clergy Training: Science: Study of Mind/Behavior
Syllabus Topics
1 Psychology, Science & Faith: SR Chaplain Annette 
2 Mental Health: SR Chaplain Annette 
3 End of Life: SR Chaplain Annette 
4 Pastoral Christian Coaching/CPE: Chaplain 

2. September: Sat & Sun 18/19/25/26th 
CPT – Part 2 = 4 Sessions: 16 hrs
Days: Sat & Sun  
Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
Syllabus Topics
1 Rehabilitation Counseling: SR Chaplain Karen A. 
2 Spiritual & Secular Counseling: SR Chaplain Karen 
3 Spiritual Care/Clinical Chaplaincy: SR Chaplain Ryan 
4 Addiction: Chaplain Tray  

3. Oct: 2/3/9/10th 
Days: Sat & Sun Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
CPT-Part 3= 4 Sessions: 16 Hours
Instructor: Chaplain Laquieta Cooks
Theology & Ministry: 
Syllabus Topics
1 Foundation of Theology and Ministry
2 The Bible, Christianity
 3 Christian Roles & Major Religions 
4 Studies & Concepts of Religion

4.November: 13/14/20/21st 
Days: Sat & Sun Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
CPT- Part 4 = 4 Sessions: 16 Hours 
Instructor SR Chaplain Michael T
Pastoral Care
Syllabus Topics
1 Ministry of Presence, Church/Body of Christ
2 Hospitals & Hospice, Policies & Procedures
3 Clinical Outreach & Services, Case Study.
4 Pastoral Care, Traditions, Sacraments

CPT Graduation Dec, 11th 1:00PM


-- Chaplains Facilitator/Instructor Training/Review
(Closed-Instructors Only)
January 16th - Saturday 11AM-1:15PM

-- Chaplain Mandatory Annual Meeting
Chaplain Mandatory Check-in: 5:30-6:00PM
July 29th Thurs. 5:30-6: Check In 7:00-8:00 PM

-Chaplain Mandatory Annual 
October 7th 
"Peace Be Still" Prayer Vigil
Thursday 4:30PM

-- Advisory Board: 
2nd Saturday of Each Month.

Jan: 9th Feb: 13th March: 13th April: 10th May: June: 12th July: 10th August: 14th Sept: 11th Oct: 9th 
Nov: 13th  Dec: 11th

Chaplains Faith Is Live Social Media Talk Show
Jan: 9th /23rd Feb:13th/ 27th March: 13th/27th April: 10th/24th May:15th June: 12th/26th July: 10th/24th 
August: 14th/28th Sept: 11th /25th Oct: 9th /23rd Nov: 13th Dec: 11th
(May/Nov/Dec 1hr Talkshow)

Task-Force Schedule
Spiritual 1st Responders 

--RECAP: Chaplain Procedures
March-Sat: 20th 10AM-12 PM

--Broken Pneuma: Specialized CERT Training
July: 10/11th 
Sunday: 1:30:-6:30PM

--Quarterly Mini-Training's
Sat May 22nd 11:AM-1:00PM
Sat Sept 4th 11:AM-1:30PM
Sat Nov 13th 11-1:00PM

Chaplain Fellowship Events


Chaplain Fellowship Events/Coffee Clutch
TBA- (the schedule will become available during 2021 as per state mandates.

Tentative- Holiday Potluck Events
-Easter- March 20th 1:00-5:00 
-Christmas- December 11th 2:00-6:00PM

National Day of Prayer
-- Special Event: Governor Prayer Breakfast: 
(Location to be assigned)


-- Coffee Clutch Fellowship

​              (On Location)


Chaplaincy Academy of Religious Studies

Fostering Excellence, in the study of Christian principles and Chaplaincy An Entry Level In-house Academy of Chaplains Specialized Education and Training.
Sanctioned curriculum, and a unique format that allows the Chaplain to advance to an intermediate level of special training.Instructors: Trained & Professional.
Academy Tuition: No Cost.  The Graduate Chaplain Academy provides students their materials, text, handouts, syllabus' as downloads for individual printing. All instruction and instructors are professionals, who are working the "Community for Christ". It is our our purpose to "Build an Army of Chaplains", by feeding his sheep.

Academy classes may become  Accredited if used through the Chaplain partnered CPT Program 
This is a Non-Accredited Academy. It operates at a worthy level of performance, and offers valid programs, which 
meet the acceptable standards of Religious Studies. Chaplain Accreditation acquired only through our CPE Program,
 *Hours of Completion
 *Class In-house Credits
 *Studies, Syllabus’, Curriculum
 *Professional/Trained Instructors
 *Religious Autonomy
Accreditation in the USA is purely a voluntary process, and is NOT required for religious studies.
Credits Earned for Non-Accredited Religious Training are Widely Accepted, by Churches, Bible Colleges, Mission Boards and Secular Employers as College-Level Studies.We offer Religious Studies leading only to religious training, and certificates. 
We do not offer secular training, or certificates. Religious schools, academies, institutions, need no secular accreditation because no secular studies are offered. in the Academy Program:

Academy Graduate Senior Chaplain Certificate 
Academy Graduate Duration: 1-2 Year Completion
Chaplain Graduates shall be recognized and deemed as Senior Chaplain. 
Christianity is a ministry and religion that can include religious education and training. Endorsement of Religious courses, which also may be from, or include mentoring, internship, and apprenticeship 
studies and programs. Academy of Religious Studies is being in accordance with the ethics, rules, standards and practice, for that profession, and or training/education.Federal law provides each church/ministry with the inalienable right to establish legal clergy and to appoint legal ministers within that establishment.Your Ordination/ License from a church or ministry, or certification, and your registration with your state becomes your identification and /or identification.ID. Some State DMV’s can add your clergy title to your driver’s license or ID.Religious Study Certificates may at times be referred to as, Reverend, Graduate, or  Senior Chaplain.  (as a form of acknowledgement, or degree). 

 Academy 2021 Schedule

​-January: Apprenticeship: Sermons, Bible Study, Prayer 
 Saturday: Classroom: 16th, 17th, 23rd  
In Class Session (3) Online Assignment Sessions (5) 
Saturday & Sunday: 1:30-5:00PM
Online Assignments{ (Must be completed by Feb 13th. online (Jan 30th/31st/Feb 6,7,13th) 

--Feb: Services: Baptisms/ Funerals/ Weddings
Saturday & Sunday – 13/14th 
1:30-5:30PM - 2 Sessions
-- August: Services: Baptisms/ Funerals/ Weddings
Sat & Sun: 7/8th - 2 Sessions
Sat: 1:30-5:30PM

-- Feb: Apologetics:
Sat. 20/21/27/28th
March- 6/7th/13/14th
April- 10/11th

--March: Daughters of God
Sat & Sun 27/28th

--Basic Chaplaincy Certification:
April-Sat & Sun. – 17/ 18/24/25th
Sat 10AM-4PM / Sun 1-7PM 4 Sessions
--Ordination Course: May- 1/2nd
Sat- 11:AM-5:00PM  Sun: 1:30-7:30PM 
--Ordination Ceremony/SR Chaplain Graduation: 
Sat May 8th 11:00AM 

--May: Levels of Heaven & Hell
Sun: 23rd

--June: Hermeneutics
Sat & Sun: 4th/5th 1:-5PM

-- June: Book of Revelation
 Sat & Sun 19/20/26/27th 

Biblical Studies
--July: Part 1: Bible OT & NT 
Sat & Sunday- 17/18th
1: -5:00PM 
--July: Part 2: Bible Foundation
Sat & Sun: 24/25th

--September: Evangelism
Sat.& Sun.- 4/5th
2:00-5:30PM –

--October: Basic Chaplaincy Certification:
-Sat & Sun. – 16/17/23/24th
Sat 10AM-4PM Sun 1-7PM 
-- Ordination Course: Oct-: Sat & Sun  
Sat 31st 10AM-4:PM 
Sun. Nov 1st 1:00-7:00 PM
-- Ordination Ceremony/ SR Graduation 
11/6/2021 11:AM

--Dec: Grow Your Own Ministry
Sunday 4th
11-3PM (SR Chaplains Only)

Specialty Classes:
​January: Writers Class: 
30/31st Feb 6/7th 
Sat. 11-2PM  Sun 1:30-4:30PM

--May: CPR 1st Aid
Sat: 15th- Specialty Class

--September: Specialty Class 
Domestic Violence/Suicide 
Sat. 11th 11:-2PM

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