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 Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth
II Timothy 2:15
2023 Training Schedule
Professional Certificate Course  
Clinical Pastoral Training

CPT Professional Certificate-Course
Clinical Pastoral Training- 
Sat. & Sun. 1:30-5:30PM 

CPT: 16 Sessions 

1. August-November 1:30-5:30PM
​* Professional Certificate Course (Variety of Instructors)
Clinical Pastoral Training
1. August: Sat & Sun: 12/13/19/20th  
Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
CPT – Part 1 = 4 Sessions: 16 hrs

  *Clergy Training: Science Study Mind/Behavior
Syllabus Topics
1 Psychology, Science & Faith:  
2 Mental Health: 
3 Pastoral Christian Coaching: 
4 End of Life

2. September: Sat & Sun: 9/10/16/17th  
CPT – Part 2 = 4 Sessions: 16 hrs
Days: Sat & Sun  
Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM

Syllabus Topics
1 Rehabilitation Counseling: 
2 Spiritual & Secular Counseling: 
3 Spiritual Care/Clinical Chaplaincy:  
4 Addiction: 

3. Oct: 7/8/14/15th : Chaplain Laquieta
Days: Sat & Sun Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
CPT-Part 3= 4 Sessions: 16 Hours

  *Theology & Ministry: 
Syllabus Topics
1 Foundation of Theology and Ministry
2 The Bible, Christianity
 3 Christian Roles & Major Religions 
4 Studies & Concepts of Religion

4.November: 11/12/18/19th: Chaplain Della 
Days: Sat & Sun Time: 1:30PM-5:30PM
CPT- Part 4 = 4 Sessions: 16 Hours

  *Pastoral Care
Syllabus Topics
1 Ministry of Presence, Church/Body of Christ
2 Hospitals & Hospice, Policies & Procedures
3 Clinical Outreach & Services, Case Study.
4 Pastoral Care, Traditions, Sacraments

  *CPT Certificate Ceremony Dec 9th 1:00PM

  *Chaplains Facilitator/Instructor Training
(Closed-Instructors Only)
January 7th: Saturday 10AM-1:00PM

  *Chaplain Mandatory Check-in/Annual Prayer 
October 5th: Thursday 4:30PM
Check-in/ "Peace Be Still Prayer”

  *Advisory Board: 
2nd Saturday of Each Month.
  *Chaplains Picnic: TBA  

  *Faith Is Live 
Social Media Talk Show
Saturdays: 1st Saturday of each month

Task-Force Schedule
Spiritual 1st Responders 

  *RECAP: Chaplain Procedures 
January: Sat: 14th 10AM-1PM
July: Sat: 22nd  9:30-12:15PM

  *Broken Pneuma: Specialized CERT Training  
July: Sat: 15th: 10:00-3PM 
 Sun: 16th 1:30:-6:30PM

  *Quarterly Mini-Training's
Feb: Sat 25th: 10:30AM-1:00PM
June: Sat 10th  10:00AM-1:00PM
Nov: Sat 11th: 10:00-1:00PM

Chaplain Fellowship Events

  *Chaplain Fellowship Events/Coffee Clutch
TBA- (the schedule will become available during 2023 per event notifications.

  *Holiday Potluck Events
-Easter- April 1st 1:00-5:00 
-Christmas- December 9th 2:00-6:00PM

  *Quarterly Breakfasts
TBA- (the schedule will become available during 2023 per event notifications.

  *National Day of Prayer – Prayer Meet
May: 4th Thursday 8:-11AM
(Location to be assigned)

    Academy Training Booklet Download Here
​                   Academy Registration Policies

 Academy Studies

​Check back often for any updates!

  *Instructor Facilitator 
Sat: 7th 11AM-2:30PM (Instructors Only)

  *Homiletics: Apprenticeship 
Sat: 14/21/28th 1:30-5:30PM (28th 2-6PM)  
Sun: 15/22/ 29th 1:30-5:30PM 

  * Leadership: Vision Ministry 
Sat 28th 10AM-2PM 

* The Trinit
 Sat 4th 1:00PM-5PM 
 Sun 5th 2:PM-6:PM

  *Services: Baptisms/ Funerals/ Weddings
Sat: 11th 1:30:-5:30PM 
 Sun: Feb 12th 1:30-5:30PM

  *Eschatology/Biblical Language Translation
Sat 18th  1:30-5:30PM
  Sun 19th 1:30PM-5:30PM

Sat 25th  2-5PM
 Sun 26th  2- 5:00PM

  *Apologetics 2-5:30PM
Sat: 4th / 11th /25th 
  Sun: 5th /12th/26thth  

  *Skills Basic 1 
Sat: 4th 12-2PM
  *Skills Basic 2
Sat 11th 10-1:30PM

  *Daughters of God-Women of The Bible 
Sat: 18th 2PM-5:30PM 
  Sun: 19th 2PM-5:30PM

   *Psalms & Proverbs
Sat: 18th 10AM-1:45PM

Sat: 22nd  2-5:30PM
  Sun: 23rd 2:-5:30PM

  *Basic Chaplaincy Certification
Sat 10AM-4PM / Sun 1-7PM 4 Sessions
Sat: 22/29th Sun: 23th/ 30th  

  *Ordination Training & Ceremony 
11:AM-5:30PM Sun: 1:30-7:30PM 
Sat: 6th Sun: 7th  
  *Ordination Ceremony/SR-BCC-Seminary Graduation: 
Sat: May 13th 11:00AM 

  *Writers Class 
May- Sat 27th 10:30AM-1:30PM
June-Sat: 3rd 10:30-1:30PM
July  Sat 1st  10:00-1:00PM

  *Levels of Heaven & Hell
Sat: 27th Sun: 28th 2:00-6:00PM  

Sat: 3rd 2:00-5:30PM 
 Sun: 4th: 2:00-5:30PM

  *Book of Revelation 
Sat: 10/17th  Sun: 11/18th    1:30-5PM  

  *Biblical Studies: Bible OT & NT 
Part1: Sat: 24th Sun: 25th 1:30 -1-5:30PM  

  *Part 2: Bible Foundation 
Sat: July 1st Sun: July 2nd 1:30-5:30PM  

Sat: 8th 11AM-3PM

  *The Spiritual Realm
Spiritual Warfare/Spiritual Gifts
Sat: 22nd 12:30-4:30PM Sun: 23rd 1:30-5:30PM 

   *Grant Writing-1 
Saturday- 29th: 10AM-1PM
Grant Writing-2
Sun: 30th 1:30-5:00PM

  *Human/Sex Trafficking
Saturday 29th 1:15-4PM

  *Services: Baptisms/ Funerals/ Weddings 
Sat: 5th: 1:00-5:00PM 
  Sun: 6th: 1:30-5:30PM

*Spiritual Recovery 
Sat: 26th: 11AM-3PM 

Sat 2nd   Sun 3rd 
Sat: 1:00-5PM  Sun: 1:30-5PM

  *Basic Chaplaincy Certification
-Sat & Sun. – 14/15/21/22nd 
Sat 10AM-4PM Sun 1:30-7:30PM 
  Ordination Course: Oct-: Sat & Sun  
Sat 28th: 10AM-4:30PM 
Sun. Oct 29th: 1:30-7:30 PM

*Church History & Philosophy
Sat: Oct 28th 12-4PM
Sun: Oct 29th  1:30-5:30PM

Ordination Ceremony/ Graduation
Nov 4th 11:AM

*Prophets & Kings
Sat Nov 18th  9:45-1:15Pm

*The Color of  Forgiveness
Sat Dec 2nd  11-3PM

*CPT Cert Ceremony: 9th 1:00PM
Christmas event: 9th: 2:-6PM
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​ Training Programs

Professional Certificate Programs & Graduation
(Total overall time)

1. A: ACADEMY SR Chaplain Program= Spring & Fall = 1.5 yrs
1. B: BCChaplains= Ministerial Board Certification= 3.-3.5yrs
2. CPT Fall/Winter  16 sessions:= 4 Months
3. TASKFORCE:  Fall/Winter= 1 yr.
4. SEMINARY=Summer/Fall/Winter= 3yrs

All things work together for good. Rom 8:28
All Chaplaincy classes work together for good, as one, through the different programs
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The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps Proverbs 16:9